Samstag, 30. Januar 2010

New trivago TV spot

Since end of January we released the second Version of our TV commercial. We changed only little details, but it seems to work even better than the spot we started with end of December. Thanks to the guys from fat lady , who already did great work in the production of the first spot, we found a new voice for trivago. It creates exactly the authentic character that we had in mind when we started, and it fits even better to the relaxed atmosphere of the music. Max and Becko heard at more than a hundred different voices and we casted 11 of them personally (one of them starsearch winner Martin Kesici) at production day. Really tough decision. Different characters, nearly all of them would have made a great fit.

Also many thanks to the creative people at omstudios. This times we had to do only little changes but they were again right to the point. Great that they could fit us in their busy schedule although they had to work long hours for the Audi A8 presentation in Miami.

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